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Pulse and Digital Circuits. - Millman and Taub. : FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD


Pulse and Digital Circuits. - Millman and Taub. : 


Pulse and Digital Circuits. - Millman and Taub.- FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD NOW

The origins of this classic textbook Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms go back to an age earlier than the 1940’s, being one of the first manuals to offer wide-ranging concepts of design and analysis of pulse generation and waveform-shaping circuits in a simple and reader-friendly manner. While it retains the original flavour of the book, this revised edition also includes discussions on Logic Gate Families, IC 555 Timer and Op-Amp based Multivibrators for up-to-date coverage. A large number of solved examples, review questions, numerical problems and open book exam questions are interspersed throughout the text to provide a clear understanding of the concepts.


1. Review of Selected Topics in Electronic Circuit Theory
2. Linear Waveshaping RC, RL, and RLC Circuits
3. Wide Band Amplifiers
4. Steady-state Switching Characteristics of Devices
5. Clipping and Comparator Circuits
6. Clamping and Switching Circuits
7. Logic Circuits
8. Bistable Multivibrators
9. Monostable and Astable Multivibrators
10. Negative-Resistance Devices
11. Negative-Resistance Switching Circuits
12. Voltage Time-Base Generators
13. Current Time-Base Generators
14. Pulse Transformers and Blocking Oscillators
15. Sampling Gates
16. Counting and Timing
17. Synchronization and Frequency Division
18. Transient Switching Characteristics of Diodes and Transistors

Appendix 1: Ringing Circuit with Non-zero Initial Conditions

Appendix 2: Millman and Taub’s Pulse and Digital Circuits—A Pioneer Text in Its Field


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