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Digital Principles and Applications - Malvino and Leach


Digital Principles and Applications : FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD

DOWNLOAD FREE EBOOK Digital Principles and Applications BY Malvino and Leach 

"Digital Principles and Applications, an authentic self-study textbook in the field of Digital Electronics, continues to build upon the concepts in lucid language, down-to-earth approach and ready-to-use information for laboratory exercises. The eighth edition has been revised extensively to enhance coverage on existing topics and examples.



1. Digital Principles
2. Digital Logic
3. Combinational Logic Circuits
4. Data-Processing Circuits
5. Number Systems and Codes
6. Arithmetic Circuits
7. Clocks and Timing Circuits
8. Flip-Flops
9. Registers
10. Counters
11. Design of Synchronous and Asynchronous Sequential Circuits
12. D/A Coversion and A/D Conversion
13. Memory
14. Digital Integrated Circuits
15. Applications
16. A Simple Computer Design


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